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Student Paper Writing

Students in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will not sit GCSE or IGSCE exams in the summer.

How will I get my grades if I'm not doing the exams?

Grades will be decided by assessment material created by exam boards and/or teacher assessment - and will not be adjusted by an algorithm.


The Joint Council for Qualifications has now confirmed how schools should award grades. Grades will NOT be decided using your "potential", but rather decided by a holistic review of a range of evidence e.g. class work, homework, internal exams, mock exams. More information on this here.

What do I do now then?

Try not to panic and don't keep asking teachers what is going to happen- they know just as much as we do!


A range of evidence will be used to awards grades to each student: class work, progress tests, mock exams, and the optional mini tests set by exam boards. Keep working hard in these last weeks of online school, and listen to any information your school or the government gives you to determine what you should focus on. Keep proving yourself and aiming high!

Most students are now back in school and have been since 8th March and your school has until 18th June to submit the grades, and exam results day will be brought forward.

You may still have GCSE content to cover, so to ensure you learn everything and get the grades you deserve, 

you must keep engaging with school and lessons- whether this is online or in person. You will still have tests - whether they are internal tests set by your school, or external tests set by the exam boards.

Head over to our COVID-19 page for tips on how to manage your work, physical health, and mental health during this pandemic.

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