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'How to Succeed in X' courses involve recommendations for the best resources to help you learn the necessary content, as well as exam technique advice for each subject helping you to simplify your GCSEs. The revision resources and advice is what I used to attain top grades.

(NB: the content is tailored to the exam boards listed here; the information may still be useful for other exam boards, but make sure you know the differences)

Revive your Revision: Subjects

- English Language (AQA) - Mathematics (all)

Year 11 Booster Course: Subjects

- English Language (AQA) - Mathematics (all)

- Sciences (Edexcel)- English Literature (AQA)

- Languages (all) - History (AQA) - Geography (AQA) - Religious Studies (AQA)

Basic access to our 'How to Succeed in X' resources (recommendations for how to revise, revision resources, and exam technique guidance) 

Subjects Included: Maths and English Language

- Full access to our 'How to Succeed in X' resources

Subjects Included: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Sciences, Geography, Modern Languages, History and Religious Studies


- Premium GCSE advice posts: from extra-curricular activities, to avoiding disqualification. A year of advice for Year 11 students to guide you through your final year of GCSEs 

- Academic consultation session: personalised advice on your aptitude, revision techniques and exam stresses. 

- Before the session: fill in a Google Forms so we can focus on the issues you want to discuss so the 30 minute call can be as effective and productive as possible.

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