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How I got 10 Grade 9s at GCSE by deliberately not learning everything

In Summer 2019, I achieved a grade 9 in every exam I took, and even scored 10-20% higher than the grade boundary for a grade 9 in all subjects- and over 20% higher for Mathematics. You may think I worked harder than anyone else to get these grades, but really, its about working smarter


As a current A Level student reflecting on what I did in 2019 to get all 9s, I knew people with many different goals could benefit from me sharing my effective strategy.

Despite it being so crucial and the simplest way to reach your potential, it's something your teachers typically don't focus enough on.

Why do so few people know the secret to success?

The idea of purposefully not learning every fact and figure guaranteed me top grades. My focus was split 50/50 between learning content and exam technique- more detail about this here.

I realised pretty quickly that the approach that my peers had wasn't efficient and I knew that I only needed to learn the key information. For example, even in History, you don't need to know every fact and date- only the key ones- because you actually don't need that many facts for the questions as you run the risk of 'telling the story' of the event rather than explaining the effects of it.

Though we are taught to revise hard and learn everything, this isn't necessarily possible when you have 21 different exams to study for and take. You have to prioritise certain subjects and utilise your short term memory effectively during exams to remember the key content.

I have started to release courses for each subject, where I can teach you how to approach each subject to simplify the process maximise your success. Check out the courses we are offering here.

The fact that I minimised the amount of facts I had to learn and that I focused a lot on exam technique got me the top grades, but it ultimately just helps you reach your potential and feel more confident and comfortable in exams.

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