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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

With GCSEs, you have to study smart, not study everything. Whether you want to go from a 3 to a 4, or an 8 to a 9, our resources help you get the grade you want and deserve by supporting your education at home.

gcsEase is a GCSE help platform designed to offer what lots of others don't cover, whilst also directing you to resources to help you master the GCSE content. We focus on how to revise and the importance of exam technique- rather than making our own content resources like the vast majority of "help" platforms. We recognise the efforts of YouTube creators and teachers to create resources to help you learn, recap, and master the GCSE content, and recommend the most effective ones to you.

When there are so many great options already available, what's the point of another website only covering the content?

Our aim is to make you a more efficient and effective learner who understands how to approach each exam. In order to unlock your exam potential, you need to find the best way for you to study, and understand that exam technique is just as important as knowing the content.

Now that school is temporarily online, it is necessary to find an efficient way to complete school work and have a suitable amount of rest, exercise and relaxation during quarantine- because, ultimately, physical and mental health is of paramount importance. On our new COVID-19 dedicated tab, we have some tips and suggestions on how you can do this successfully and lots of links to necessary and important information.

Check out our 'About' pages as well as our homepage for more information about the help we can offer you, why it is different to other resources, and the courses we are releasing for incoming Year 11s.

- The Astute Student

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