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Organisation Tips for GCSE Students

Quick tips to keep your folders, work and life organised:

1) Make sure you have all of your work for each subject in a folder- whether that is a physical folder or an online folder. It's important to make sure you have all of your sheets or notes in one place and in the correct order.

2) Find the specification for each subject and print it out or download it and save it to your device. Then tick off topics you have covered in class and/or revised as you go along. Find these on your exam board's website; for example, here is the one for AQA Geography:

3) Make revision timetables or to-do lists. 'Adapt' is an app I recently started using- it is great to use to make revision timetables, and has checklists for all of your subjects! I can tell it will save me a lot of time. You just add each subject (it has many subjects and many exam boards) and you'll see a to-do list of every topic for that subject.

- The Astute Student

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